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Introduction of transportation facilities

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Transportation facilities refer to the tracks set up for the normal operation of the urban transportation system.隧道.Elevated road.车站.Ventilation pavilion.Electromechanical equipment.Power supply system.Communication signals and other facilities.

Road traffic facilities

Traffic facilities play an important role in reducing the degree of potential accidents。A good facility system should have traffic management, protection, traffic guidance, isolation and closure, anti-glare and other functions。Road traffic facilities include: traffic lights, traffic signs, road markings, guardrail, isolation grid, lighting equipment, line of sight guidance, anti-glare facilities, etc。

Development prospect of rail transit

Overall, China's urban rail transit is still in the initial stage of development, the development mechanism is still not perfect, but the enthusiasm for the construction of urban rail transit is increasing。With the rapid pace of urbanization, the central city is constantly radiating to the surrounding area, and the urgency of rail transit construction is also increasing。In order to alleviate the difficulties of rail transit construction funds, foreign capital and private enterprises have been vigorously called on to enter the field of rail transit construction。At present, foreign capital is mainly engaged in the field of rail transit construction in the form of equipment supply and technology provision, while private capital is temporarily difficult to intervene due to excessive investment。With the continuous expansion of the scale of Chinese cities and the increase of the speed of industrial peripheral transfer, it has become a trend for foreign and private capital to enter the construction of urban rail transit。

According to the recent rail transit development plan of each city, by 2012, the Beijing rail transit network will cover the central city, and the operating mileage will reach 440 kilometers;Shanghai rail transit will form a basic rail transit network with 13 lines, more than 300 stations and a total operating length of 500 kilometers。It is expected that by 2050, the total length of China's urban rail transit lines will exceed 4,500 kilometers。

Transportation facilities include

In order to prevent traffic accidents, smooth traffic, give full play to the function of roads, set up traffic measures, according to the needs of traffic flow and the situation of terrain and features, pedestrian Bridges (including underground crosswalks), fences, lighting facilities, sight guidance signs, emergency communication facilities and other similar facilities should be set up on roads。

Transportation facilities are classified by function and product

Parking lot transportation facilities, highway transportation facilities, municipal road transportation facilities, rail (including railway) transportation facilities and so on。

Transportation facilities main products include

Parking lock, wheel lock, road pile, road cone, car guard, guardrail, iron pier, reflection mirror, ball mirror, sun shell pillar, speed bump, isolation pier, spike, profile mark, road gate, railings, bicycle frame, anti-collision barrel, guard box, guard box, slope board, anti-glare board, reflective clothing, solar lamp, light box, electric door, all kinds of signs and signs,All kinds of cold paint hot melt marking lines, parking lines, reflective materials, road cones, rubber road cones, corner guards, anti-collision barrels, isolation blocks, anti-glare boards, water horses, collision cylinders, speed bumps, parking locks, reflective signs, rubber column caps, contour marks, spikes, elastic columns, triangle warning frames, wide-angle mirrors, warning lines, guardrail belts, crystal grid, traffic clothing, highway accessories, solar explosive flashing lightsSolar yellow flash lights, plum lights, LED baton and other products。

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